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  The members of the old chamber music ensemble are:

Constantin Răileanu – conductor, composer, vocal, percussion player,  kanun player
Sabin Penea – violin
Alexandru Stoica – lute
Andrei Nițescu – cello
Issam Garfi – flute / bansouri / ney
Oana Benko – video-projection

  Anton Pann Ensemble is the only professional grup from Romania who make this kind of music and researching at a very high professional level.
Since it was created, Anton Pann Ensemble performed recitals in well established halls, as well as in the Romanian  Athenaeum or the Romanian Broadcasting hall in Bucharest, but also in informal places. The concerts took place in Bucharest, but also in other cities across the country, as: Craiova, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureș, Brașov, Iași, Timișoara, Galați, Constanța, Pitești, Slobozia, Vaslui, Cugir, Focșani.
                The Anton Pann Ensemble’s music was well recieved by the audience  from abroad too, where it has performed: Marrakech, Madrid, London, 
Krakovia, Wroclaw, Venice, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Athens, Navplio, Chișinău, Bruxelles, etc. and brought on the stage 
the beauty of the classical romanian music.
                Our music, also, is very apreciated in Turkey, where we are invited frequently and we have a group of faithful fans – we had three concerts in Ankara at the initiative of Yunus Emre Institute, Hacetepe University and European Union Comision from Turkey, three concerts in Istanbul, at the initiative of Yunus Emre Institute and Romanian Cultural Institute, along with the Beyoglu city hall, a concert in Izmir, at the initiative of European Union Comision in Turkey. Also, the Ensemble appeared in three tv shows which were transmitted on TRT Music. 
                In 2010 we were the Romanian representative in the project “From  mothers, for mothers” – which took place in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. Moreover, we presented the work of the great Dimitrie Cantemir with the  occasion of the 340th aniversary since his birth, in a concert organized by the Turkey Consulate and the Yunus Emre Institute in Constanța.
                In 2014, we took part in the “Journey of Dimitrie Cantemir” project, where we organised and held three concerts in Ankara and Istanbul. In the  same year, we were invited by the Hacetepe University and the Romanian Embassy to hold two concerts in Ankara and one concert in Istanbul.
                In  2015 we were appointed the representatives of Romania at the events organized with the occasion of European day and we held two concerts in Ankara and Izmir. The 2015 is the year that brought us our first tour throughout the country, with the project Unicorn, in which we had the pleasure and the honor to perform along with great musicians: Derya Turkan- kemence, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan- duduk, Vincent Segal- cello. The project has benefited from the support of Yunus Emre Instutute, Turkey. Also the year 2015 brought us two nominations: The Brâncoveanu Awards and The AFCN Awards. 
                The year 2016, in addition to many concerts in our country, brought us  the honor to participate at The ARHITEX Awards. 
                In 2017, we participated to an artistic residentship in Marrakech, at  the invitation of French Cultural Institute of Marrakech and of Maison 
Dennise Masson, having also the support of ICR, where we collaborated  with one of the famous Morrocan guitarists – Mahmoud Chouki – and 
 other musicians. The result of this residentship was the creation of  Kira Kiralina project, which included two concerts in Marrakech, well recieved by the audience. This whole year brought the recording of the integral Cantemir show. It is a very important project, because it is about an  absolute premiere: all 18 songs created by Cantemir will be recorded, but  only 9 of them are well knonw, the others haven’t been recorded until now.

Constantin Răileanu – is the band’s founder and leader. He is doctor in music of the National Music University from Bucharest, led by University Professor Dr. Teodor Tutuianu.            

            He initiated the enterprise which has built the Anton Pann  ensemble. He is a composer, conductor, singer and percussionist.  Constantin is a researcher of the old oriental music.

            He has a double degree in Byzantine Music and Academic Choir Conductor at the National Univeristy of Music in Bucharest, a degree in History and Philosophy of Religions – Religious Phenomenology at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest. 

            He performed in over 600 concerts in the country, as well as abroad. He peformed with great musicians, such as: Kyia Tabassian, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Neva Ozgen, Alkis Zopoglou, Ahmet Sahin, Mehmet Bitmez, Mehmet Fatih Zulfkar, Petros Papageorghiou, Fikret Karakaya, Emmanuel Hovhannisyan, Derya Turkan, Vincent Segal, The Madrigal choir, Armonia choir of the State Philarmonic in Cluj, Psalmodia choir of UNMB.

Constantin Răileanu

conductor, composer, vocal, percussion player, kanun player

Alexandru Stoica – owns the title of doctor in music at National Music University Bucharest, led by University Professor Dr. Octavian Nemescu.         

            He has a degree in Musical Pedagogics and he also owns a master degree in Contemporaneous Musical Education at National Music University Bucharest.

            He plays oud (lute), guitar, violin. He participated to lute mastership courses, led by Kyriakos Kalaitzidis and Mehmet Bitmez.

            He has an experience of over 300 concerts within the Anton Pann band, wherewith he sang along with famous musicians, as : Kiya Tabassian, Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Neva Ozgen, Alkis Zopoglou, Ahmet Sahin, Mehmet Bitmez, Mehmet Fatih Zulfkar, Petros Papageorghiou, Fikret Karakaya, Emmanuel
Hovhannisyan, Derya Turkan, Vincent Segal, DaCapo choir, Madrigal choir.

Alexandru Stoica

oud (lute) player

Sabin Penea – has a degree at National Music University in Bucharest, the violin department, professor Gabriel Croitoru.

            He owns a master degree at National Music University in Bucharest, the violin department, the class of the master Gabriel Croitoru.

            He participated to courses of mastership led by Simeon Yaroshevici , professor at National Conservatory of Tel Aviv, Israel, Andrei Gavrilovici, professor at National Conservatory of Berna, Switzerland, Stefan Gheorghiu, professor at National Conservatory of « Ciprian Porumbescu » Bucharest.

            He assisted Sir Neville Marriner, as the frst violin within the band’s master-class of Ruse, Bulgaria, under the guidance of Erich Scagerl, concert-master of Wiener Philharmoniker. He
has an experience of over 500 concerts, and his proffesional performance was rewarded with numerous awards.

Sabin Penea

violin player

Issam Garfi – has a degree in Royal Conservatory of Liege, in National Conservatory of Rouen under the guidance of some famous professors, such as Toon Fret, Mario Caroli, Jean-Christophe Falala și Aline Poirier.     

                He started his preofesional career as a holder flutist of the Symphonic Band in Tunis.

            He had a wide concert activity, especially in France, as a player or a member of some music chamber ensembles, such as: Kammerensemble Köln, Duo Garf&Petrov Pro Arbitus. He colaborated with the Philarmonic choir in Paris and Hanovra and with the Philarmonic orchestra in Morocco.

            He acquired the silver medal at “Svirel International Chamber music competition” in Slovenia with Duo Weltweit. Issam studies to obtain the doctor title at the Music University in Strasbourg.

            He performed in many flute master-classes at High Institute of Music Tunis (ISMT) and at National Conservatory in Tunis. He is a guest flute professor at National Conservatory of music in Rouen, France. Since 2017, he joins the old chamber music ensemble Anton Pann.

Issam Garfi

flute / bansouri / ney player

Andrei Nițescu – has a degree at National Music University Bucharest, the cello department and he owns a master degree in music. Since 2012, he is a member of the only professional string quartet in Bucharest – “Solartis Quartet”, and together with it obtained numerous honors at national and international competitions, as: the 3rd prize at the “W.A.Mozart” Competition, the 1st prize at “Drumul spre celebritate” (“The way towards fame”) Competition, the 2nd prize and the “A. Dvořák” prize at the International Plovdiv Competition 2014.

            In 2013 and 2015, Solartis Quartet was invited to perform within the International Festival “George Enescu”.         

            It participated in tournaments in Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Swizerland, Austria, France.

            He attended master-classes with: Alexandru Tomescu, Horia Mihail, Răzvan Suma, Bernhard Naoki Hendenborg, David Cohen, Erich-Oskar-Heutter și Alexander Huelsoff. He joined the old chamber music ensemble Anton Pann in 2017.

Andrei Nițescu

cello player

Oana-Lucia Raileanu Benko – is a doctor in music, Musicology department, at National Music University Bucharest, led by University Professor Dr. Octavian Nemescu and she has a degree in Musical Pedagogics at the same University.     

            Since 2008, Oana is the artistic manager of the old chamber music ensemble Anton Pann and along with it, she organised over 500 concerts.     

            She is the manager of Cantermir Melo projects, UNICORNa journey back in our history, Customs and Mastership -  Masterclass of Traditional musical Instrumens ( AFCN), leader of « Cand Bizantul eram noi »(« When we were the Byzantinum « ) (ICR) project.

            She was the music director of Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara (2008 edition) and manager of « Music in your highschool » project. Since 2014, she participates at Anton Pann Ensemble’s performances through video-art, ensuring the concept and the projection for the shows.

Oana-Lucia Raileanu Benko

manager & video-art